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High performance
 index  Xpert Series™  ActiveSense™ ActiveSense technology                  Alto Rendimiento

            BLSTTDG-NBG                                                                            BLSTTDT-N00
            Includes Blend-N-Go                                                                    120V 2111098
            750ml                                                                                  220V 2081280
            120V 2111371

 As the Oster® brand, we   1  Oster® Xpert Series™  ActiveSense™ technology

 believe that attaining a state of              3  osterizer max blender  Actively senses ingredients and adjusts   Reversible Motor Technology
                           blade speed, direction and blend timing
 active fit nutrition system
                                                                                  For an even and consistent blend
                           for perfectly blended results
 well-being is a fundamental   5  personal mixer
 aspiration of every human being.   6  reversible technology  Add liquid alert    BLADE TWICE AS BIG
 This is why everything we do is   7  classic blenders  Alerts user if more liquid is needed for   Its 6-Point Blade crushes ice easily
                           the blending cycle
                                                                                  guaranteeing better blending results
 aimed at inspiring people on their   9  2 speed blenders
 way toward well-being.  12  traditional blenders  5 Food Mode Settings           2-liter Boroclass® glass jar
                           Through the Control Panel, the consumer
 13  multi-cookers         can customize food types by selecting                  60% increased capacity* 100% thermal-
                                                                                  resistant. Can resist extreme temperature
                           from 5 functions: juice, smoothie, salsa,
 14  pressute cookers      milkshake, and frozen drink                            changes
 Consequently, all our products   15  rice cookers                                Model BLSTTDG-NBG
 are designed and built to be   18  air fryers                                    2-liter Tritan™ jar
                                                                                  Provides all the benefits of a
 powerful and perform in such   20  electric toast ovens  sauces  with ice        glass made of a resistant material,
                                                                                  it is non-toxic and doesn't absorb odors
 a way that our consumers feel   22  mixers                                       Model BLSTTDT-N00
 inspired, empowered and proud   24  food processors  No chunks  chunks  Liquid  Thick  2 HP motor 1100 watts
 of the results they get when they   26  sandwich makers                          Crushes ingredients in seconds
 WAFLE MAKER   and Electric Skillets
 use them.  27  coffee makers for spresso, latte & capuccino  Milkshakes  juices

 28  coffee makers

 29  percolator                                                                   All metal Drive®
                        Liquid  Thick   Liquid  Thick                             Exclusive All-Metal-Drive® for greater
 30  kettles                                                                      durability
 31  toasters
 32  JUICE EXTRACTORS AND CITRUS JUICERS  Shakes                                  Includes Nutrition Guide

 34  garment steamers                                                             70 healthy recipes
                                                                                  Only in Spanish
 35  irons
                                Liquid  Thick                                     *Compared with  Oster®  4655  blender
 40  fans                                                                         **Peak power
 2  42  accessories                                                                                                1
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