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Reverse technology  Automatic programs      Boroclass ®  Personal mixer

               1 mix
 twice as big
 Grinds up ingredients in seconds
 *Compared to BLSTAA4961                                                          2 go

 Reversible motor
 Back and forth blade rotation, fully
 processing ingredients

 Reversible motor
 technology 1000 WATTS*   Mixer                                                         THE BOTTLE IS DESIGNED
 Bidirectional rotation ensures
 Reversible  uniform blending results  Mix and go!                                      TO FIT PERFECTLY INTO
                                                                                        ACTIVE LIFESTYLES,
 Technology                                                                             complete with non-drip cap and
                                                                                        easy-to-grip band

 Two Automatic programs

              The perfect way to power up your
                exercise routine and help you
                take control of your nutrition,
                the Oster® Personal Mixer can
 Three manual speeds and   be used to blitz a huge selection
 a “Pulse” function  of fruit, vegetables and nuts.                                      CUP WITH TRITAN™(500ML)
                                                                                         Technology in a breakresistant,
 Two automatic models 3 speeds +                                                         odor-free and non-toxic material

 All Metal-Drive®
 for extra durability

                                                                                        Fits in most car and bike
                                                                                        cup holders
 Thermal shock-resistant
 1.5 L (6 cups) glass jar withstands
 extreme temperature changes
 Filler cap/ 2-Ounce Scoop included

 Blend-N- Go cup
 (750ml) portable with Tritan™
 BLSTPYG1309B  BLSTPYG1311NBG-053   BLSTPYG1310RBG-053  technology that provides all the
 120v 2177530   220V 2177527  220V 2177524 (only di)  benefits of a glass cup in a resistant,   PULSE FUNCTION
 220v 2183889  Includes Blend-N-Go*   Includes Blend-N-Go*    odorless and non-toxic material   for total control
 (BPA free).                                                                            250W
 Blend, and take it with you.
 Model BLSTPYG1310RBG/   BLSTPB220
 BLSTPYG1311NBG  120v 2094336                       Scan here to
 Scan here to                                      learn more about
 learn more about   220V 2094604 (only di)          the product
 the product                       scan here - personal mixer
 6  scan here - reversible technology                                                                              7 7
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